Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texas Shoot Out Round Robin Results

Congratulations to Chris Leonardi and Hank Stolte, the hybrid team taking first place at the 2010 Texas Shoot Out Round Robin. Thanks to all of the participants for some great debates.

1st place - Chris Leonardi and Hank Stolte - Hybrid
2nd place - Faraz Hemani and Saad Khalid - Dulles High School
3rd place - Vivek Dathla and Nikhil Bontha - The Kinkaid School

Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Texas Shoot out - Round Robin pairings and judge assignments

Hello everyone,

Below are the pairings for the 2010 Texas Shoot Out. Note - all rounds will be in the CMA. You can park in any of the legal spots close to the CMA on Sunday. On Monday, you will want to park in the parking garage on University and 27th street. Breakfast will be served at 9:30 AM in CMA 3.130 - - call me with any questions at 646-286-3734.


Round 1 10AM

Westwood v Dulles – Bhatacharjee, Fitz - CMA A3.108

Hendrickson v Churchill – Gonzalez, Rocha - CMA A3.112

Hybrid v Kinkaid – Crowe, Park - CMA A3.130

Mercedes v Little rock - Martin, Sanford - CMA A5.136

Round 2 1PM

Little Rock Central v Westwood –Gonzalez, Fairchild - CMA A3.108

Dulles v Hendrickson – Crowe, Miller - CMA A3.112

Churchill v Hybrid – Makuch, Albiniak - CMA A3.130

Kinkaid v Mercedes – Clark, Koneru - CMA A5.136

Round 3 3:30

Westwood v Kinkaid – Thomas, Evans - CMA A5.136

Hendrickson v little rock cental – Clark, Cauthen - CMA A3.108

Hybrid v dulles – Johnson, Fairchild - CMA A3.112

Mercedes v Churchill – Crowe, Bhattacharjee - CMA A3.130

Round 4 6PM

Churchill v westwood – Johnson, Evans - CMA A5.136

Kinkaid v Hendrickson – Makuch, Cauthen - CMA A3.108

Little rock central v hybrid – McNeil, Koneru - CMA A3.112

Dulles v Mercedes – Liu, Albiniak - CMA A3.130


Round 5 9:00 AM

Westwood v Hendrickson – JD Sanford, Mckinney - CMA A3.108

Hybrid v Mercedes – Gonzalez, Reed - CMA A3.112

Dulles v Churchill – Martin, Park - CMA A3.130

Kinkaid v Little Rock Central – Thomas ,Bhattacharjee, - CMA A5.136

Round 6 11:30

Hybrid v westwood – Bhattacharjee, Albiniak - CMA A3.108

Mercedes v Hendrickson – Murray, Johnson - CMA A3.112

Kinkaid v ‘dulles – McNeil, Evans - CMA A3.130

Little rock v churchhill – Miller, Donovan - CMA A5.136

Round 7 1:30

Westwood v Mercedes – McNeil, Makuch - CMA A3.112

Hendrickson v Hybrid – Martin, Donovan - CMA A3.108

Dulles v little rock – Rocha, Fitz - CMA A5.136

Churchill v kinkaid – Miller, Murray - CMA A3.130